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Perfume Filling Machine Toner Liquid Negatie Pressure Explosion-Proof Filler Equipment

Label: Flex Filling Machine Manufacturer Time: 22-05-31
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    Liquid Packaging Machine - Inspect Bottle Fill Equipment 

    FILTEC inspects liquid filler valves & cappers in real time & pinpoint defective equipment. Ensure perfect products leave your bottle or can line with FILTEC fill level inspection.Download the brochure · Free sales consultation

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    Twelve Head Inline Time - Pressure Explosion Proof Liquid ...

    Equipment Description. Fully Automatic In-line Time vs. Pressure style liquid filler. Expandable from 2 to 12 heads with options to fill from 25cc to 5000cc of free-flowing low viscosity (utilizing time vs. pressure) or thicker high viscosity liquids without particulates at a speed of up to 8,000 fills per hour with superior accuracy (utilizing ...

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